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Adam Dawson

BC Camplight


Adam is a drummer and percussionist based in Manchester, UK. A city that, thanks to its vibrant scene and strong heritage, fuelled a passion for music and inspired his development as a musician.

Starting out playing in local indie, rock and punk bands, he later studied music at university to further his playing vocabulary and technique with a keen focus on jazz music, latin percussion and studio production. Since then, Adam has continued to apply himself to a large variety of projects and bands, shaping him into a versatile player, highly regarded across multiple genres both on stage and in the studio.

Currently he is the drummer for the critically acclaimed songwriter BC Camplight (Bella Union Records), recording drums and percussion on the previous four albums and performing on tours and major festivals with the band since 2014. Adam describes the gig as “a perfect mix of all the elements. I play soft on some tunes and then fully rock out on others. There are moments of improvisation/soloing, I trigger lots of samples and loops, play slower songs and then play lightning fast. It's great fun and very varied.”

Adam’s gig highlights include Glastonbury, Latitude, Blue Dot, Green Man, BBC 6 Music Festival, Iceland Airwaves, End Of The Road, The Roundhouse, Amsterdam Paradiso, Albert Hall, live radio sessions and tour supports with White Denim and brit-pop favourites Suede.
Other past endeavours include live performances with Nightmares On Wax, CAN’s Damo Suzuki, Italian songwriter Fabrizio Cammarata, Sam Gray, appearances at Manchester/various jazz festivals, work in theatre pits and much more.

Adam also offers remote drum tracks and recording sessions from his own drum studio which has seen many new collaborations with artists in recent years. Previous session highlights include working with top producer Dani Castelar, featuring on the BC Camplight albums, Hannah Ashcroft’s "HUSK" record, Summer Fiction's “Himalaya” and a recording session with the legendary Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago.

Legend Series - Turquoise Sparkle

  • 24x16 BD

  • 13x9 RT

  • 16x16 FT

  • Bluebird Snare Drum

Lounge Series - Champagne Sparkle

  • 22x14 BD

  • 12x8 RT

  • 14x14 FT

  • 16x16 FT

  • Big Softy Snare Drum

  • Maverick Snare Drum

Kit Setup

"I use BDC because the craftsmanship and quality is unrivalled. The beautiful design makes the stage look incredible and the sound delivers every time. Plus, for me, the company is local so that makes it extra special to be a part of the BDC journey."

Adam Dawson
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