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Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Snare Drum

The Regimental Series is the flagship range of traditional marching drums from the British Drum Co.


Handcrafted in the UK to British Drum Co.’s highest standards, the Regimental Series represents a groundbreaking moment in the evolution of marching drums. The range is comprised of five snare drums - RS1RS1GRS1P, RS1C, and RS1Y ;  three bass drums , and a tenor drum.


What makes the Regimental Series stand apart from the competition is the level of innovation incorporated into the design of every drum.


Each drum is handbuilt with an 8ply 5mm grade A Scandinavian Birch shell and a 45º bearing edge. Our art-deco inspired Palladium hardware adorns every drum to deliver stylish and reliable functionality.  

regimental series




Tenor Drum

Bass Drum

available in 3 sizes




We are extremely proud of our Regimental Series range of marching drums. From the very beginning of the British Drum Co. it has been our goal to develop a range of military drums that recognises and respects the heritage of British drum-making whilst pushing the boundaries with outstanding innovation.


At the heart of the Regimental Series is the combined vision of master drum-builder Keith Keough and Marching Division Manager Stu Warmington.  Keith’s reputation as one of the world’s foremost craftsman in the world of drum-making is assured, whilst Stu is universally recognised as a major authority on all aspects of military and marching drumming. Together, their expertise represents the pinnacle of marching drum knowledge and influence within the sector.


The marching drumming community has witnessed the development of the British Drum Co., building a respect that has attracted such world-class performers such as the Corps of Drums of His Majesty's Royal Marines, Grade 1 Police Scotland & Federation pipe band, as well as 19 times World Drum Corps Champion, Jim Kilpatrick, who celebrates his role with us as International Marching Specialist. 


We continue to attract global players and performers who recognise the high quality of the drums we make and embrace our values of supporting the marching world at the very highest levels. We hold true to our mission to create marching drums that look amazing, sound amazing and make you feel amazing!

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