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Cherrise Osei

Simple Minds


I’m Cherisse, the drummer with Simple Minds. I absolutely love my BDC drums, they have a beautiful tone to them and the craftsmanship is superb. The sound of my BDC kit really resonates with me and since I’ve been playing it, it’s really elevated my performance. 

20 x 18” Bass Drum
10 x 7” Rack Tom
12 x 7” Rack Tom
16 x 16” Floor Tom
18 x 16” Floor Tom
20 x 14” Gong Drum

14 x 8"- Custom Maple Snare Drum
14 x 6.5" - Aviator Snare Drum

Kit Setup

“I am absolutely loving my kit! My favourite piece of the kit is my 14 x 6.5” aluminium snare - it has a great snap but with a nice depth of sound to it.” – Cherisse.

Cherrise Osei
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