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Colin Woolway



I was a professional touring drummer for the first 20 years of my career, and for the next 20 years I was concerned primarily with education, setting up the Drumsense books and programme, presenting drum clinics, and running a busy teaching studio. I bumped into Keith a few years ago, when he was just starting to build his fantastic drums! I watched the development of BDC keenly, and eventually couldn't resist talking to Keith to see if we could work together. It's fantastic to be part of the BDC family, and it goes without saying that playing these drums is a total pleasure!

Legend Series

  • 10X9

  • 12X10

  • 14X14

  • 20X19

  • MERLIN 5 1/2 snare

Kit Setup

"I use BDC because the open sound of these drums is impressive and versatile, to say the least!  You can have drums that sound that good "straight out of the box”, then you can do anything with them. 

The Merlin snare drum is destined to be a classic, but then it’s hard to say which of the brilliant snare drums won't be! But apart from the sound, it's also the attention to detail, the lugs, the Tom holders, the whole art deco theme is totally up my street!"

Colin Woolway
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