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Darby Todd

Devin Townsend


I’ve never been a drummer to stick to one style. I get a ton of enjoyment from playing with different people and I’ve been fortunate to play with some amazing musicians. My current main gigs are touring with Devin Townsend including recording drums on his most recent album LIghtwork. Also Touring the world with Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre.

Other notable artists I have played with over the years include The Darkness, Kee Marcello (Europe) Paul Gilbert, Robert Plant, Robben Ford, Carl Verheyen, Huey Lewis, Charlie Griffiths, Frost, Kaipa, Joe Lynn Turner, Alan Price and Disney’s Lion King.

When not on the road I’m often found recording for artists in my own recording studio.

Devin Townsend Tour

Legend Series - Ravenglass

  • 10x8 Rack Tom

  • 12x9 Rack Tom

  • 13x9 Rack Tom

  • 16x16 Floor Tom

  • 18x16 Floor Tom

  • 2 x 22x18 Bass Drums

  • 20x16 Gong Drum

  • Bluebird Snare

Martin Barre

Lounge in Carnaby Knight

12x8 Rack Tom

16x16 Floor Tom

22x14 Bass Drum

Merlin Snare 14x5.5

Kit Setup

“I first visited BDC at the start of 2022 while rehearsing for the Devin Townsend/Dream Theater tour. I had absolutely no intention of switching drum companies, I was purely interested in seeing how the drums were made.   

In my two hours at BDC I found a group of people that loved drums, unbelievably even more than I do.  Everyone had such pride and commitment to making the best possible drums going. The attention to detail was far beyond anything I have ever seen, when you see the detail on the washers inside the drum you realise that every step of the process has been produced a to the highest level”

Darby Todd
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