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Mark Richardson

Skunk Anansie


Hi everyone! My name is Mark and I’m the drummer with Skunk Anansie. I am known for my powerful style and have so much respect for the team at BDC. Keith and his cohort hand make every single superb drum, something I’ve witnessed first hand. 

Each step from the selection of veneers to the final finished drums is meticulous and the attention to detail is truly astounding. 

I have never seen anything like it in 30 years of playing at a professional level.

Legend Series

  • Kick - 24x16

  • Rack - 13x9

  • Floor 1 - 16x16

  • Floor 2 - 18x16

  • Main Snare - 14x7 Diablo

  • 2nd Snare - 14x6 Bluebird

Kit Setup

"I need drums to be able to cope with a serious beating and a rigorous touring schedule. Because of their unique construction, my BDC shells never choke up, they just invite more intensity and so when I need to go up a gear, my Legend series follows."

Mark Richardson
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