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Mike Joyce

Independent/The Smiths


I’ve been a huge fan of Keith Keough’s drum making skills for many years now so when I found out he was working with The British Drum Company, I was super excited to see what they had to offer so I went down to the BDC factory and tried out the ‘Legend’ series.

I was absolutely blown away by the sound of the kit and chose the gorgeous ‘Wiltshire White’ wrap.

Legend Series

  • Bluebird 14 x 6 Snare

  • 13 x 9 rack Tom

  • 16 x 16 Floor Tom

  • 18 x 16 Floor Tom

  • 24 x 16 Bass Drum

Kit Setup

"I’m now playing not only one of the best looking kits around, but the best sounding kit I reckon I’ve ever owned.  Massive thanks to the BDC family!"

Mike Joyce
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