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Nick Banks



"I started playing when I was about 14 or 15. My brother had a kit but couldn’t play for toffee whereas I could without giving it a second thought. Top of the Pops was my drum tutor, I never entertained the idea of actual lessons (can you tell?). It was a good job as punk rock was the only way for me back in 1980. Eventually after swimming in the ever-changing cess pool of Sheffield bands I washed up at The Leadmill one day and saw a scrap of paper on the wall advertising the fact that Pulp required a drummer. One bizarre non-audition later (involving a white Bull dog - tell you more another time) and I was in. I think I was the only candidate actually. Never mind. Unfortunately years of toil began that day and didn’t bear fruit for yonks; culminating in the band being surprise headliners at Glastonbury in ’95 instead of The Stone Roses. We had clawed our way to success and proceeded to lord it up with hit singles and albums, world tours and all that malarkey. By 2002 Pulp was put into deep freeze only to be thawed out intermittently to ‘Rock’."

"My local drum store had some BDC bits in and the guys there were very complimentary about the kits. Interest piqued. This was amplified by my drum buddy, Tom, extolling the beauty of his BDC kit. It looked good; it sounded good. Pulp were due a de-frosting so getting into a BDC kit seemed a great way forward."

"My original thoughts were for a natural wood finish such as Tiger Tiger, New Forest, or so but once ‘the daughter” TM had been considered it was suggested something a little more ‘bling’ was required and I also realised that most of the drum kits I have had over the years had been a sparkle finish so Ravenglass was required. It looks so good. It’s also kind of a blue black finish that changes depending on the light."

LEGEND Ravenglass

  • 22 x 18 Bass Drum

  • 12 x 8 Rack Tom

  • 16 x 16 Floor Tom

  • 18 x 16 Floor Tom

  • Bluebird Snare

  • Talisman Snare

Kit Setup

"It was so very evident that the folks making the shells, applying the finishes, and fitting the hardware were doing it with such love and care it was lovely to see. The expertise involved is staggering; everything has to be just right. The love transfers into the drums themselves. It was wonderful to see almost a family making great British Drums. Felt like home."

Nick Banks
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