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Nicko McBrain

Iron Maiden / BDC International Ambassador


At the heart of Iron Maiden's powerhouse sound is drummer Nicko McBrain. After joining the band in 1982, the long-serving metal drummer brought his exceptional drumming skills and charismatic stage presence and became pivotal in shaping Iron Maiden's dynamic sound.

Nicko McBrain is recognised as a world-class drummer, not only among his peers, but also as one of those rare drummers who can be considered a household name. With multi-platinum album sales and sold-out tours under his belt, Nicko is a global drumming icon, admired and respected everywhere.

Together, Iron Maiden and Nicko McBrain have left an indelible mark on the heavy metal landscape, cementing their place as true icons of the genre. Their enduring legacy continues to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike.

Icarus Legend Series

  • Icarus Snare Drum

  • Talisman Snare Drum

  • 6x8 Rack Tom

  • 8x8 Rack Tom

  • 10x10 Rack Tom

  • 12x12 Rack Tom

  • 13x13 Rack Tom

  • 14x14 Rack Tom

  • 15x15 Rack Tom

  • 16x16 Rack Tom

  • 18x16 Floor Tom

  • 24x18 Bass Drum

Kit Setup

“The passion for creating spectacular drums that I have witnessed at British Drum Co. is second to none. Every single member of the BDC family is driven to this one goal of making the very best instruments they can. The creativity and craft that goes into even the tiniest of details is just breathtaking and I felt I had to be a part of this.”

Nicko McBrain
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