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Pete Cater

The Pete Cater Big Band


I’ve now been playing drums for more than 55 years which is pretty shocking when I stop and think about it. I grew up in a house where there were drums to play and a lot of jazz records, and knew what I wanted to do from a very early age. I’m probably best known for leading a big band but in addition to this I have a couple of smaller groups and work as a freelance pro. Although undoubtedly a jazz specialist I can and do turn my hand to all kinds of different musical styles as all working professional players should. Currently working (or to be precise waiting to go back to work with): 

Live performance 

  • Pete Cater Big Band

  • The Ministry of Jazz

  • Salena Jones

  • Tony Kofi and the Organisation

  • Nick Ross Orchestra

Clinics/Education (including but not limited to)

  • LCCM London

  • London Drum Show

  • Music China

  • Freddie Gee Drum Academy


  • Sessions/freelance

Kit Setup

"I use BDC because of the people and the products. I’m not one of those drummers who need to have affiliations with companies just to prop up my ego. I play the Lounge series because it gives me everything I need and I can get a wide open jazz sound or a dead, funky sound of the same drums without even changing heads.

Sonically and aesthetically the lounge series almost feels as if it was designed for drummers just like me, and when a product makes you feel that way you know you are in the right place."

Pete Cater
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