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Pete Salisbury

The Charlatans


Pete Salisbury is most well known as a co-founder of Wigan band “The Verve” playing drums and percussion on all there Albums and live shows and remaining a member till the band ended in 2008.

During this time he also toured with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club playing on a live album and recording and touring with Richard Ashcroft on his first 3 solo albums.  

Following The Verve’s break-up Pete started touring with The Charlatans and played on there 2 latest studio albums Modern Nature (2015) and Different Days (2018). He continues to play live with The Charlatans to this day among other projects.

  • Lounge Series in Wiltshire White

  • 22x14

  • 13x9

  • 16x16

  • Aviator snare

  • Bluebird snare

Kit Setup

"I’ve used drums created by Keith Keough since 2002 and truly believe every one he creates is outstanding. BRITISH DRUM COMPANY is the pinnacle of this craftsmanship and i’m proud to still be playing BDC to this day."

Pete Salisbury
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