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Ryan Durrans

The Lathums


Hi, I’m Ryan Durrans A.K.A Duz.  I’m the backbeat of The Lathums and I’ve been playing BDC drums since 2020.

My first BDC kit was a pinstripe executive kit, a lovely rich sounding kit that I will treasure for ever. I began playing the drums when I was 12 years old inspired by some of the greats, (John Bonham, Dave Grohl, Phil Collins) so to now be considered a professional and have a company like BDC behind me really is a dream come true.

After touring the BDC factory I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of BDC. I could see colossal amounts of passion and precision in every step of their building process and the end product looks and sounds better than you could ever imagine. The whole team make you feel welcome and a part of the family, which for me makes the kits even more personal because you know they’ve put 100% effort into creating your instrument.

Legend Series in custom high-gloss British Racing green

  • 14x12 Rack Tom

  • 16x16 Floor Tom

  • 18x16 Floor Tom

  • 26x14 Bass Drum

Kit Setup

“The inspiration behind this kit is from a mixture of 70’s vintage kits. The colossal sizes obviously reflect John Bonham and the colour is a classy look that I thought would enhance the overall vintage feel. Both the sound and colour has been absolutely perfected by the team at BDC, to me, and I’m sure many others, it’s a masterpiece that’s a privilege to play”.

Ryan Durrans
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