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snare drum

British Drum Co.’s flagship pipe band snare drum. The Axial snare drum is innovation defined. Featuring our Direct Drive snare mechanisms for optimum parallel snare positioning. Axial’s distinctive aesthetic owes much to its X-Frame™ cage-style tension system. This futuristic aluminium hardware is designed to complement the out of this world shell finish options.


Designed and engineered to look amazing, sound amazing and feel amazing, Axial is the pipe band drummer’s snare drum.

  • Axial Series 14” x 12” Twin Snare

  • Weight : 6.8 kg

  • 8ply Grade A Scandinavian Birch Shell

  • 45º Bearing Edges

  • Remo USA Heads

  • Gravity-fed cast Aluminium Hoops

  • Direct Drive Snare Mechanism Top and Bottom

  • Powder Coated X-Frame™ as standard

  • ​Magnetik Drum Key

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