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  • 8ply 5mm Grade A Scandinavian Birch

  • 45º Bearing Edge

  • Remo USA Powermax Ultra White Heads

  • Wood Hoops

  • Palladium Lugs

  • ​Polished Stainless Steel Ball Feet

  • ​Multi-position Carry Rail

  • ​Supplied with a British Drum Co. Magnetik marching drum key as standard

  • ​Available in Gloss Black, Gloss White and Military Red & Blue Livery

  • Available in three sizes: 

  • RS1B-2612  26" x 12" - 7.8kg

  • RS1B-2812  28" x 12" - 7.1kg

  • RS1B-2814  28" x 14" - 8.1kg


Our Bass Drums come in three different sizes and are designed to sonically and visually complement the Regimental Series snare and bass drums.

To find out more information, including pricing, contact your local dealer

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